Discover the better ways to pay using this money services company

We all have our concerns about making online payments, especially when the transaction is a large amount. Our fears of cybercriminal activities are not unsound. There are those who go online to do crime and are nearly impossible to catch.


Don’t be a victim of cybercrime

There are traps online that make us the unwitting victim. We can be fooled by scam sites selling fake products. What is worse is that we can be the victim of identity theft. When our information for financial transactions gets stolen, we might get wiped out by a cybercriminal who will send all our money to themselves.

Transfer funds in a more secure way

We hear news reports and stories from our friends and family about how they lost money online. We might have been worried for quite a long time how to send secure payments online.  Our concerns about cybersecurity are addressed by a certain money services provider. This company provides a method of transferring funds is more secure than most other online payments.

Online payment process

Online payments are money transfers. To initiate that payment transaction, the person has to put in their financial accounting details. To purchase, one has to click a “submit” type of button. The process begins and a “message” is sent to a financial company for the transaction to be completed. 

Payment transaction codes

This message is the transaction code. This random number transaction code generated.  That code is what those evil online elements want to divert into their own account so that they will receive the funds. Those cyber criminals might also get your card details for them to make an unauthorized payment transaction. When those transaction messages or card details fall into the wrong hands, the resources of the account holder can be depleted. The victims of such cybercrime might even be plunged into debt when their credit card information is hacked.

Better ways to pay

There are better ways to pay. There is a reliable money services company that enables you to pay with ease. Your funds are more secure because of the tried and tested method of using email transfers for transactions. It is a good thing to send money using email transfers as it reduces the risks of your sensitive financial information being stolen.

Advanced payment solutions

Aside from that email transfer method, this money services company has advanced payment solutions for individuals. These include the capacity to send and receive payments from account holders of the same company. There is also an option to have a separate IBAN for incoming EUR payments and/or a USA ACH account for incoming USD payments

Open a personal account

You’ll enjoy the advantage of having multiple withdrawal methods for the funds that are sent to your money services account. There is also the option to get a prepaid debit card that also can be funded and used to withdraw your payments. There is no doubt about it. You’ll greatly benefit from the better ways to pay when you open a personal account with this money services company.